HiSilicon(Shanghai) Technologies CO.,LIMITED. provide our employees with dual career development paths: the managerial path and the technical/professional path. Our employees can set practical career goals according to their own characteristics and profession development. With the guidance of our company's vocational qualification standards, the drive of the qualification authentication and the support from the training platform, our employees can continuously improve their working competencies and realize their career dreams step by step.

We also commit ourselves to building a learning organization, which encourages employees to apply what they have learned to practice, and continuously improves their working skills and performance. Our training system covers the following aspects: new employee orientation, managerial skills training, technical skills training, marketing and sales training, professional training and product training. Through regular technical and managerial training and cooperation with international leading enterprises, our company has fostered outstanding talents in the fields of management, design, technical skills and supply chain, and has established solid foundations for our company's sustained growth.

We welcome talents to join us in the fields of ASIC, software development, hardware development, sales, technical support and supply chain. Now there are dozens of vacancies waiting to be filled! For more details about the positions, please contact [email protected]


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